labels slitting and rewinding finishing operation

"With your great start - we'll produce an excellent finish"

To win any race requires all of the aforementioned and to produce that winning performance time and time again is the difference between 'good' and 'best'!

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Griptone, the UK's finishing house for the label printing & converting industry, possesses all the qualities required to give it the title of 'the best'.
Our team provides a complete service to the industry which offers our customers the benefits of confidentiality and a wide range of finishing facilities.

In everything we do there are two words which crop up time and time again in conversation, 'efficiency' and 'quality'. A close eye is kept on both during any jobs life at Griptone and with a final overseeing eye upon completion, we can ensure that each job goes to the client on time and correct!

No matter how large or small the job we are always available to offer the service mentioned, preceding that service with a competitive quotation.

The Griptone Benefits

  • Confidential Service Guaranteed
  • Competitive Rates
  • Quality Control at all stages
  • 'Arpeco' Trackers providing 100% accuracy and reliability
  • Missing label detection

Technical Specifications

  • Web up to 410mm
  • Max. master reel o/d 30 inch
  • Turret rewinding facility
  • Range of unwind and rewind shaft sizes from 1/2'' i.d min
  • Paper slitting facility on the cores
  • Razor slitting
  • Edge trimming

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